Cancer Cover

Why is Cancer Cover necessary in 2020?

There are few families in Ireland that have been unaffected by cancer. In fact, by 2020 1-in-2 people in Ireland* will suffer from cancer at some stage in their lifetime. While you may not like to think about cancer, you are probably aware of its medical implications and the effect it could have. But often overlooked is the financial impact that cancer could have on your life.

How it works?

Having financial support at a time of physical and emotional stress can ensure that you are able to take the time off work, pay for specialist treatment or even cover day-to-day household bills such as childcare.

Cancer Cover can be purchased as an additional benefit to most life insurance policies. It pays out a tax-free, cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with cancer of a specified severity. Cancer Cover is available to those aged 18 to 65 and is available on a single, dual or joint life basis.

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Benefits of Cancer Cover

  • Provides a tax-free, cash lump sum to you if you are diagnosed with cancer of a specified definition.
  • Your policy can cover more than one person.
  • You can increase cover at times when you need it.
  • Gives you time to focus on what really matters, getting better

Financial Implications Of Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer cover is available for people aged 18 – 60 resident in the Republic of Ireland on a joint, dual, or single life basis. You can take out cover as a standalone benefit or it can be bundled with life insurance.

Yes, but it needs to be made very clear to them that any cancers that arise directly or indirectly from this cancer will not be covered under the plan. The same applies to any Pre-Existing Condition.

No, both your breasts are considered the one organ and cover ceases for that organ on diagnosis.

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